I've been a busy fluffy thing

I've been away for a long time because mum forced me to live with ELEVEN MORE FLUFFY ONES. I know that one of them was dad, but everyone else was mean and attacked me for no reason. Well, maybe not the smaller ones. There were tiny baby fluffy ones everywhere! But then mum moved into a new house and all I have to worry about is the fluffy toy that roams around the house and bites my feet. Oh, she says it's called a 'ferret'. She also told me some sad news... my boyfriend Sammy had to go away for good a few days ago. Mum and Auntie Allyson are sad. I'm kind of sad too. I think he was sick.



Help make mum famous!

Well, that is what I think will happen.


She bought us some delicious food today! It had turkey and chicken in it. It is better than the new food she got us, which we are taking a long time to get used to.

Oh I almost forgot to mention my new friend Tango! He visits sometimes. He was tough to get used to at first, but he is just a little baby. Now we love to wrestle all the time. Yeah, like he could ever beat me up!

I have so much to fill you all in on, but right now I have to go play with these flying bugs. YAY!



Great news, guys!

Mum bought me some new toys!


Well, okay... they're not toys. But really, I don't know what else they are for, if not for me to play with! She wouldn't let me have the other toys, Slash, Baby and Bella. You would think that she'd be nice enough to share!

I just want to play!

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Oh no, what is happening?

I don't understand.


Okay it's like a little version of the thing I saw a few weeks ago before the spa, but it's in my house and I don't know what to do. Maybe mum will tell me later what's going on.

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What are these things, and why was I not in my regular home the other night?! That was so scary. You have no idea.

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Oh my gosh, you guys...

I almost forgot, because I was so busy having a fun time. Last Monday was my...


I didn't really do much. Auntie got back from her trip the day before, so we were all just relaxing and getting back to normal. My mum went to see a movie WITHOUT ME, but she told me that they don't allow kitties in movies theatres yet, even if they are cute, fluffy, awesome ones like me. Oh well! My friends Monty, Sammy and Lexy bought me some awesome salmon treats. They were so delicious! Thank you to them and their mommy, Allyson! Now I'm just getting excited for that spa trip next week. Mum says she booked it for next Tuesday, whenever that is, and I get to be there ALL DAY! It's going to be fun.

Okay nap time snooooooore.

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Almost there!

Guess what you guys, guess what! Mum's almost done school for the year, so she says she is going to stay home and play with me all the time! Then in a little bit, probably soon after my birthday, she said she is going to take me to get me spayed! Oh gosh! I don't know what that is, but I bet it's really awesome. Maybe it's a like a kitty spa treatment! Boy oh boy, I get to be pampered soon! Well, even more than I already am, of course.

Me with some of my toys, Catnip Pillow and Unused Bathtub Drain.

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